Asia Digest: Ubisoft, Focus On Their Accelerator Programme

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While French-headquartered video games developer Ubisoft is set to launch its accelerator programme in Southeast Asia, four Asian startups have been chosen by global travel aggregator to join its accelerator program in Amsterdam.

Ubisoft to launch fourth accelerator programme, to expand in Singapore

French-based global video games developer and publisher Ubisoft is set to launch a new Southeast Asian division for the accelerator programme, with Singapore as its first country.

The expansion accelerator program, which called ‘Entrepreneurs Lab‘, in Singapore would be Ubisoft’s first attempt to venture into Asia.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft also sets to launch the fourth season of its accelerator programme to support global entrepreneurs – that will provide fully-equipped facilities and expert on-site assistance for running a tech and entertainment business.

According to a statement, it will be a six-month programme that will help nurture entertainment service and blockchain startups. The programme will be scheduled between September this year and March next year for which startups can apply till June 30.

The company has also joined hands with French-based studio startup Station F to provide the venue for the accelerator programme. selects 10 startups to Join Accelerator Programme in Amsterdam

Four Asian startups have been chosen by global travel aggregator to join its accelerator program in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the company said in a statement. has been selected 10 tourism-focused startups for its accelerator program, with four of them from Asia (Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India), three from Europe (Netherlands and France), one from Australia, and one from Colombia. prepares rewards for each startup, with a total of 2 million Eur in grant. The highest grant –around 400,000 Eur – was received by a startup from Colombia called IMPULSE Travel.

The three weeks programme, dubbed as Booking Booster, offers workshops, lecture classes, and explains how to create a business proposal for 10 selected startups across the world.

The list is as follows:

IMPULSE Travel – Colombia

Impulse is a regenerative tourism platform, offering more than 200 tours and activities in seven locations in Colombia.

Grant: €400k

Okra Solar- Australia

Okra offers an innovative technology that could transform energy and provide affordable energy access for people living off-grid.

Grant: €400k

NotOnMap – India

NotOnMap is a startup that empowers communities and helps a livelihood for marginalized people in rural areas through the preservation of culture and heritage, connecting travelers with unique experiences.

Grant: €250k

Avy – the Netherlands

Avy builds long-range wing drones to help deliver medicines, protect wildlife, and conserve nature.

Grant: €200k

SASANE Sisterhood Trekking and Travel – Nepal

SASANE provides socially responsible tourism by training local women that are survivors of human trafficking as trekking and tour guides in rural mountain villages in Nepal.

Grant: €175k

Picha Eats – Malaysia

Picha Eats empowers refugees to share authentic traditional food from their homeland with the public, which aims to promote cultural heritage.

Grant: €175k

Clean Travel – Australia

Clean Travel’s offers an innovative software platform to help the ethical travel operators manage their business and reach a global audience.

Grant: €100k

Hydra – France

Hydrao provides smart demand-management solutions for water conservation and management.

Grant: €100k

I Like Local – the Netherlands

I Like Local is a travel marketplace that connects travelers with local people in developing countries in order to provide an authentic experience to travelers and an extra income for local hosts.

Grant: €100k

Sumba Hospitality Foundation – Indonesia

Sumba Hospitality Foundation provides responsible tourism, combining a hotel school for underprivileged youth with a luxury eco-resort for travelers wanting to contribute to a better world.

Grant: €100k